Business between
processes, trends & challenges

Overcoming and recognizing the pitfalls of growing a business is essential for continued success. The challenge for the entrepreneur is to ensure that the measures taken will not introduce additional problems in the future.

Innovative business

Online Business

Online business ideas: start a blog, a podcast…


Innovative business

To create a start-up, you need to focus on an innovative project.

Business and challenges

Business & challenges

The economic challenges consist in defining a sustainable model.


Improve your
closing skills to develop your business

It is important to master selling ethically. Knowing how to sell is valuable if you want to develop a professional career. To learn closing skills, you can seek help from specialists who offer online training and can help you master the best sales negotiation techniques.

This sales training is provided by a certified training organization. The courses offered are eligible for the CPF or by various organizations, such as the OPCO of your company.

Starting a company

Starting a company

To create a company, it is necessary to go through several phases: realization of a market study, business plan, choice of premises, registration of the company name, its registration...

Managing your company

To manage a company efficiently, it is necessary to keep an up-to-date accounting, be involved in the administration of the company, establish a calendar of deadlines, to respect the follow-up of estimates and invoices...
Growing your business

Growing your business

To expand your business, you need to examine your strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your activity, and set up an evolving business model...

Product Information Management

Today, you have to be on all fronts: your employees have to provide a multitude of information to various distribution and sales channels, and all at high speed! Indeed, the concept of the right information being delivered to the right person at the right time has never been so present. Goaland‘s Product Information Management (PIM) has therefore become essential for all companies that want to break down data silos and distribute their product information omnichannel.


Get help from a
business coach

A business coach is an external referent who provides valuable advice and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the coached employees or entrepreneurs. The intervention of a business coach is all the more useful when launching a professional activity. It allows young managers to gain confidence.

Company takeover

Define the typical profile of a company to be purchased.

Social portage

Portage salary is halfway between the employee and the entrepreneur.

Company domiciliation

The administrative, fiscal and legal address of the company.

Set up a digital strategy

Set up a digital strategy
for your company

The digital strategy is essential to develop a business. A good digital strategy adapts to the new behaviors and uses of customers and the evolution of the market. This strategy gathers all the marketing techniques used on digital channels and supports.

Company acquisition

The acquisition of a company
compared to the setting up of a company: advantages

Taking over a company is an interesting opportunity. In certain activities such as local services or trade, taking over a business allows for a quicker start. This operation allows a better launch of the business. The takeover includes an operational work tool, commercial partners, trained personnel, and an existing clientele.

Safer investment

Safer investment

A safe investment is generally guaranteed capital. It is a risk-free investment.

Ease of use solution

Ease of use solution

Looking for a solution to ease your cash flow? Take out a supplier credit.

Existing customers

Existing customers

Generally, a company with an established customer base costs more during its purchase.